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Explanation of the layout of the data sheets and abbreviations

The FMC data sheets are more detailed in layout than the GJCC, Tugs and the Cargo Carrying Steamers data sheets. All the known history in the latter three sections is compressed into the initial Steamer or Motor History sections. Take a look at the data sheet – all will become clear!

The colour of the boat name indicates the construction i.e. Steel, Wood or Composite

Post-FMC History

The abbreviations used in the Sources column are listed below. Any others encountered are probably in the Sightings list


This is a list of all the occasions when the craft was recorded. In the main these came from the Journals of the Canal Inspector surviving in various Record Offices and Archives. Each entry is probably self-explanatory with the exception of the following:
The column headed Crew contains three figures: 213 or 11- or even –35. These respectively would indicate that the persons on board (including the Captain) were 2 men, 1 woman and 3 children or 1 man, 1 woman, no children or no men, 3 women and 5 children.
In some cases, the sex and age of the children was recorded and this is shown in the Notes column as b5, g7 (boy aged 5, girl aged 7). Occasionally, babies are shown as b9m (boy 9 months) or g1w (girl 1 week).
The complaint notes issued by the Sanitary Inspector are sometimes recorded in an abbreviated style which is mostly decodable but one or two have beaten me. Solutions welcome! An example of an entry might be in the form “Nott 69 cert non pro. Cab lks. Lttg oblit. Ptg req” which would translate as “Nottingham (the issuing authority) 69 (the complaint number) Certificate (registration document) not produced. Cabin leaks. Lettering obliterated. Painting required.” The boat owners are required to comply with this note and often you will find the boat is docked soon after the note is issued. The owner has to notify the authority after the repairs are done and this compliance is sometimes noted as “reb” (rebated) with a date.
The abbreviations used in the sightings are expanded below:

Documents on file

A list of all the copy documents I have on file. “pc” = photocopy; “ts” = transcript


The colour coding indicates Steamer Photograph taken at Buckby or Steamer photograph taken elsewhere or Photograph taken after conversion. The column with “pc” or “print” means I have a photocopy or a print on file

Abbreviations are included in the “Post-FMC History” list


Ban TR Banbury Traffic Report at Oxford Record Office
Bkd CIJ Berkhamsted Canal Inspections Journal at Hertford County Records
Bm or Bhm CIJ Birmingham Canal Inspections Journal at Birmingham Central Library Archives
Bm, Bhm, Bham Birmingham
Bre CIJ Brentwood Canal Inspections Journal at Chiswick Library
Bre CIJ n Brentwood Canal Inspector's Notebook at Chiswick Library
Calc TR Calcutt Traffic Report at Warwick Record Office
Ches CIJ Chester Canal Inspections Journal at Chester Record Office
Comp Complaint
Cov C or CC Coventry Canal
CRB City Road Basin
Dav CIJ Daventry Canal Inspections Journal at Daventry Museum
Def Defective
EL Electric Light
Ell CIJ or EP CIJ Ellesmere Port Canal Inspections Journal at BW Archives at Ellesmere Port
Faz St Fazeley Street, Birmingham
GJC Grand Junction Canal
GS Gauging Sheet
GUCCC Grand Union Canal Carrying Co (Records in private hands)
Hill A Hillmorton Archives at Warwick Record Office
Hill TR Hillmorton Traffic Report at Warwick Record Office
Ilk CIJ Ilkeston Canal Inspections Journal (copy in private hands)
KG Key Glass
KL Kings Langley
Lei CIJ Leicester Canal Inspections Journal at BW Archives at Gloucester
Lei Compl Leicester Complaints Book at BW Archives, Gloucester
Lks Leaks
Lttg Lettering
Millner L Millner Letter in Millner Archives at Northampton Records Office
Nor CIJ Northampton Canal Inspections Journal at BW archives Gloucester
notprocert Not having produced a Boat Registration Certificate
Nott CIJ Nottingham Canal Inspections Journal at Nottingham Record Office
Nun CIJ Nuneaton Canal Inspections Journal at Warwick Record Office
Oblit Obliterated
Oxf Oxford
PoL Port of London Records at Guildhall Library or Guildhall Archives or Museum in Docklands, London
Ptg Painting required
Reb Rebated (see Complaints above)
Reg Registration
Rep or Reps Repairs
Sou CIJ Southam Canal Inspections Journal at Warwick Record Office
Uxb Uxbridge
Vent Ventilation
Wal CIJ Walsall Canal Inspections Journal at Walsall Archives
Wal Compl Walsall Complaints Book at Walsall Archives
War CIJn Warwick Canal Inspector's Notebook at Warwick Records
WH Reg Waterman's Hall Registration at Guildhall Library, London
Willes EL Willesden Electric Light
Wv CIJ Wolverhampton Canal Inspections Journal at Wolverhampton Record Office


Alan Brown
AF Alan Faulkner
BCLM Black Country Living Museum
BH Brian Hillsdon
CBIC Canal Boat and Inland Waterways
CRB Canal and Riverboat
CRC Canal & River Craft - Hugh McKnight
EPD Ellesmere Port Archives
Edward Paget-Tomlinson
DMcD David McDougall
GS Gauging Sheet
IA Ike Argent
MB Malcolm Braine
NBaW Narrowboats at Work - Michael Ware
PH Pete Harrison
Reg Registration Document
RHC Rural History Collection, Reading (0118 987 5123 - Archives Library)
RS Ray Shill
RT Richard Thomas
SoC Steam on Canals - Weaver
V&EC Victorian & Edwardian Canals - Gladwyn
WW Waterways World